News and Events

Southern California is a center of great Japanese American community organizations and programs. From youth programs to senior care, and from sports leagues to traditional Japanese arts, these programs do an outstanding job of serving the needs of our community and promote our wonderful culture. is committed to the preservation and promotion of the community, so each year, we are happy to offer support to many of these programs and organizations.  Please check out these great opportunities!

Community Links
  1. Nikkei Federation
  2. U.S.-Japan Council
  3. Japanese American National Museum
  4. Japanese American Cultural and Community Center
  5. Little Tokyo Service Center
  6. Keiro Senior Healthcare
  7. Nikkei Youth
  8. East-West Players
  9. Go For Broke Educational Foundation
  10. Visual Communications
  11. Nisei Week
  12. California Japanese American Community Leadership Council
Northern California Community Links
  1. Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California
  2. Japanese Community Youth Council
  3. Kimochi
  4. Japanese American Sevices for the East Bay
  1. kabahead kreations
  2. The Rafu Shimpo
  3. Asian Business Association
  4. Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Southern California